Dog Training


A+ is proud to work with Shirley Thoreson to offer Training Classes for both Puppies and Older Dogs.


Shirley Thoreson:

Certified Pet Dog Trainer





To concerned dog lovers:

If you want to enjoy your fuzzy friend more . . . a little training will give you more fun with your dog. I highly recommend the dog trainer I used. Communication is much closer and Finnegan is attentive to me and my instructions to him. I have learned his body language and to be more patience. In just a few lessons Finnegan is more responsive, calmer and more obedient. That’s saying a lot for a 4 year old stock dog the grandkids called “crazy dog”! We are all having more fun with him.


Want more fun with your puppy (or even older dog)? It’s hard to take your precious pup to a stranger. Shirley will make you and your puppy feel at ease. She stresses gentleness, is patient, but firm in getting results . . . and results you will see. If you are interested in getting your dog some training, I strongly recommend calling


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